About Us

With great expectations of your wishes and blessings, we dare to unfold our desire to become a member of kannur, kerala advertising arena. only the optimistic will power and our vast experience in the field gave us courage to take the challenge in hand and we are sure that our effort’s out come will prove fruitful especially when we get support from you in all senses. let us introduce ourselves: we are ‘bees’; under the command of a ‘queen bee’, flying from one ‘flower’ to another, gathering ‘honey’ with an unselfish motivation, fill the ‘comb’ so that it may be distributed and benefited to ‘deserving ones’. even if unlucky in gathering ‘honey’, very much consistent in the process of ‘pollination’ to keep the natural reality of maintaining species. ‘honeycomb’ is a treasure of skilled and dedicated working force having 20 to 25 years experience in gulf countries, especially in dubai and ernakulam in kerala. have an asset of smart, internationally awarded media and creative personnel, energetic marketing executives and more over well thinking, compromising management. print advertisements are a sure catch if they are attractive or funny. if they have these qualities they’ve accomplished the basis and if they’re also well thought they’ll surely get the customers’ attention. some will make you smile and you will like others just because of their bright main idea. we assure our clients about the best ads for sales promotion and brand positioning promotional strategies. we have a marketing mix for all business/ organisations.